Feb 23, 2010

Wikisocion Needs a New Home and Site Manager

Wikisocion.org needs a new home and site manager. Our current hoster, Siteground, has awful customer service and is basically unavailable to help with problems that arise on the site. For instance, 2 years ago the Russian version of the wiki had a database error of some type that was never resolved, because there was no one to help and I was unable to follow the procedures recommended by people on the self-help forum.

Now, something similar has happened to the English version of Wikisocion. For two days the site has been down due to some kind of database error. This is looking very much like what happened to the Russian version 2 years ago. Unfortunately, there is no site support at Siteground to address the issue.

I have a database backup from last year that would restore the vast majority of the material at Wikisocion, but would miss changes from the last several months. I have never attempted to restore a database, so I am not 100% sure it would work or if the database backup was performed correctly in the first place.

In the worst case scenario, all information that can be retrieved will be obtained from Google cache and uploaded to a subsite of Socionics.us. Wikisocion will cease to exist as a wiki, but most of its valuable information will remain available for public viewing.

How you can help Wikisocion to survive

1. I need referrals for a website hoster that supports Mediawiki software and offers good customer support (live chat is best).

2. I need a website manager to help choose the hoster, set up the site, and import the database, and also to perform periodic site back-ups and address any technical issues that might come up. This is a long-term volunteer position.

Update February 27

Thanks everyone for the quick response. The two points above have been resolved. The database corruption is indeed serious and cannot be fixed. However, most of Wikisocion's content will soon be accessible at Socionics.us, and Wikisocion.org will soon be relaunched. There will be quite a bit of work to do to bring good content back to Wikisocion from cached files. Your efforts will be greatly appreciated!