Oct 2, 2013

Donations and Commenting Platform for Cyberstalkers

This blog is frequented by a cyberstalker who likes to leave strange, even obscene comments. Strange, but true!

Stalker, please use this blog post for your comments. Everyone else, just ignore this and read the other posts of this blog. I apologize for the strange and obscene comments. I can do nothing about them except mark them as "spam" and hope that the Blogger platform will eventually figure out that they are to be deleted automatically. I can't wait for the day!

Recently, the stalker has begun sending me money by PayPal. To continue this practice, please use the "Donate" button above, since using payment buttons on one of my other sites suggests that you are asking for the provision of a service. To avoid misunderstandings, use only this "Donate" button here, since I have no intention of providing you services of any kind.

UPDATE 10/07/2013

I have found a clever way to keep the cyberstalker from posting on my blog that allows me not to have to read her messages. But this means that from now on all blog comments will be moderated.

History (for the curious) 
I have never met the cyberstalker in person and have had no contact with her other than e-mail (briefly, before her stalking behavior emerged, over 2 years ago) and some exasperated exchanges on the16types.info forum (which I left in part due to the harassment, but also for other reasons) and in blog comments. I never had any intention of pursuing a relationship of any kind with her and never gave her any encouragement in pursuing me further that a rational person would interpret as encouragement. She actually called me once on my cell phone, to which I answered, "I have no intention of talking to you" and hung up. I consider her to be mentally ill, probably suffering from paranoid schizophrenia. Luckily, she is very low on funds and will likely never have the money to attempt to visit me in person. For a long time I simply ignored and then deleted comments on my blog, but then I decided to change tactics and systematically respond with aggressive derision and sarcasm, since the image of me that attracted her in the first place was that of a tolerant and understanding person. I hoped that by causing her mental and emotional pain she would stop associating me with something positive and be able to give up her attachment. For a while it seemed like this might be working, but ultimately it became clear that I would have to invest much more time and energy in attacking her then I cared to put in. So I have decided to retreat to my former strategy of ignoring, deleting, and not responding to anything, since it requires the smallest effort from me. The stalker also apparently sends me emails, but they are immediately deleted by my email filter.