Apr 20, 2007

Socionics Seminar Report

Day 0 (Apr. 19):
Met at 8:30 pm at the Lord of the Moon pub to scout out the place. Had some food. Began discussing some socionics topics of interest, as well as information about ourselves. Rick, Peter ("Expat"), Kristiina.

Day 1 (Apr. 20):
Met at 10:00 am, stayed 6 hours. 7 people present. Had mostly unstructured discussion on all sorts of topics in socionics. Discussed Reinin dichotomies, hidden agendas, how much of relationships is determined or explained by socionics, the role of cultural communities behavior and intertype relations.

Day 2 (Apr. 21):
Met at 10:00 am, stayed 9 hours. 8 people present. I had a long exercise (2.5 hours) where we talked about an apple from the standpoint of all 8 information aspects, analyzing the process and results along the way. Then we had some more general discussion. Later Olga discussed a typing method and talked with each participant about their results. We also looked at sets of photographs and even videos of people and discussed their types. For me this day brought an incredible amount of insight as well as optimism about the usefulness and potential of socionics.

Day 3 (Apr. 22):
Met at 10:00, stayed till 2:00, then went to the British Museum together, followed by a rest on the lawn. 5 people present. Talked a lot about relationships between types with numerous specific examples. Olga gave a presentation on a more "ethical" approach to applying socionics. Last day of the seminar!


Sean said...

INDIVIDUATION Magazine: a blog about Jung's theory, MBTI and why not Socionic

Rick said...

Nice, but your magazine is in French!