Jul 17, 2010

Delta Quadra Idyllia


Anonymous said...

As long as I don't see any chicken and sheep running around, it's not idyllic to me ;-)


Ричард said...

One of the Achilles' Heels of this "idyllia" is illustrated when Richard mentions that someone had stolen some vegetables (or was it fruit?) off of a plant. "But that's okay," he adds.

The fact is, in the long run it's not okay. People cannot enjoy security if they are living out their idyllia in isolation. They need to get other people to live like they do and build a community of people united by common interests and goals. Neighbors stealing fruit is a sign of a weak community.

Anonymous said...

I admit my ignorance. Could someone spell out what this video has to do with the Delta Quadra?

Ричард said...

The couple appear to be Delta types (husband IEE, wife probably SLI), and they are enjoying a life of comparative autonomy in a peaceful haven surrounded by plants and animals and have plenty of free time to pursue all sorts of intellectual and social pursuits (study, writing, music, and spiritual development). They've created a lifestyle that insulates them quite well from external changes such as economic downturn, rising energy costs, etc.

To be fair, this might be just as much an extraverted intuition - introverted sensing idyllia than a Delta Quadra idyllia.