Jun 11, 2014

Commercial Socionics Project. 1 Person Needed.

I know some people who are looking for someone to fulfill an important role in a commercial socionics project.

This is for a person who sees their future in business, consulting, marketing, and networking, and who is passionate about socionics and its applications.

You'll need to be able to write fluidly and coherently about socionics, help make videos on the subject, and answer people's questions related to a socionics product. You'll need to have demonstrated your ability to do this.

At first this will mostly entail independent work from a computer, helping putting information materials together and doing marketing. As time goes on it will likely involve travel to conferences and events and possibly to colleges and businesses. Public speaking would be involved. Being located in the U.S., Canada, or U.K. is a plus.

The team you'll be coordinating your work with combines people with experience using socionics in consulting and people experienced in software development and startups.

Contact me at gmail address delong dot rick if you think you are a good candidate.


Kareniel said...

delong with a dot and then rick at gmail?

Rick said...

Correct. Sorry about that.