Jan 9, 2017

Trying to decide what to do with Socionics.us

One of the best resources on socionics in English, Socionics.us is about to change location yet again. I have just sold the site that it is currently being hosted on, TryUkraine.com. I have one other traditional hosted site left that I can attach it to...

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Socionics said...

Maybe the website can be apart of socionics.com they are a stable reliable website.

Can you post on your blog the information of intertype relations like what does it say about monoverts. Is it extroverts or judging types that have a commanding voice?

Will you post the website on one or more of the following so the information doesn't get so conjested. You can post it on Facebook blogspot or a different blog website or a different social network. For youtube you can take a video of each webpage then viewer can pause to watch it, then make comments about the video below in the comment area or on another social network.