Dec 17, 2006

Characteristics of the Creative Function

The creative (or 2nd) function is comparatively less important to the individual than the base function. It is also something that comes naturally to the individual and is an area of strength and confidence like the base function, but it is not the individual's first priority or the "main point" of his statements of personal conviction.

The individual displays ease and competency in the area described by the 2nd function, but tends to apply this strength and perception within the context of the base function, which is perceived as having absolute importance. People use their creative function with ease as a situational tool, but can be easily distracted by signals that trigger their more sensitive base function. Compared to the base function, which is usually "on," the creative function turns on and off depending on the demands of the situation.

To illustrate the above, I'll describe introverted sensing as a creative function:

The individual is sensitive to issues of health, well-being, rest and relaxation, physical comfort, and aesthetic tastes and has an arsenal of tools to influence these areas of life in positive ways when there is a need for his help. At the same time, the individual does not focus specifically on these areas in his personal life, but usually focuses on his active external activities. He generally applies his assistance in the areas listed on an individual basis after recognizing someone's need.

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