Dec 19, 2006

Discerning the Obvious

For me socionics typing is about discovering the obvious - giving a name to traits that lie on the surface of a person's life and overall behavior style. I am not a proponent of the "crystal ball" typing approach where people analyze some small-scale, often insignificant aspect of a person's behavior, functioning, or appearance and then make a deduction about the whole - without looking at the whole!

Who knows - maybe there is some bizarre correlation between palm shape and socionic type. However, even if this were the case, it's not enough to look at the palm alone and not examine the much more obvious aspects of a person's life and behavior.

Traits of any nature can potentially serve as clues for recognizing types, but that is all they are: clues. Valid arguments for or against a certain socionic type must be framed in socionic terms.

If you look at the "Types of Famous People" section on my website, you will see that I often do not provide valid arguments for my typings as I define above. That is not because they do not exist, but because I usually don't have the patience to write them. I usually wait till a discussion arises to produce arguments other than just a few basic observations and notes about what the person is like.

Unfortunately, my site - with its often nonexistent argumentation - has the most informative celebrity section of any socionics site, whether in English or Russian.

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