Dec 22, 2006

Intertype Relations

A basic difference between socionics and other typologies is socionics' theory of intertype relations. Socionics is not just a typology of personality or fundamental psychological characteristics, but a typology of perceptual traits that define one's relationships with others. Hence, we should not be surprised if we encounter some personality differences between individuals of the same socionic type — as long as we see that there is a similar pattern of intertype relations.

Socionics describes 16 intertype relations between each type and any other (16 including his own type). Each type has the same set of 16 relations, but with each relation corresponding to a different type. Intertype relations are determined by taking the function layout of one type and comparing it to the function layout of another. 16 possible patterns results.

Intertype relations describe the nature of interaction and information interchange between two people at a close psychological distance in terms of how partners' psychic functions interrelate. These socionic relationships range from very difficult and potentially harmful to one's self-realization to very beneficial and relaxing to the psyche. Intertype relations play a large part in one's choice of friends and informal relationships, where one tends to focus on ease of communication, pleasure, and mutual benefit (cooperation).

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will you please explain each intertype relationship by their functional interaction