Dec 20, 2006

Semantics of the Information Aspects

At I wrote a brief sketch of the key points of the book The Semantics of the Information Aspects* (published in Russian). One of the authors, Vladimir Mironov, took a look and said he liked the result. However, there is not enough information in my summary to really get a grasp of the information aspects. Another project of mine will be to provide an in-depth discussion of the material in the book. As soon as I have the chance, I will take a look at one of the information aspects, and eventually I will get to all of them.

*Note: I have been making some minor terminology changes. Instead of "information element" I now use "information aspect," which is identical to the original Russian term. I am also debating whether to use the terms "extratim" and "introtim" in type names or the more usual "extravert" and "introvert."

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