Dec 16, 2006

Extraverted Intuition in Action - David Deutsch

In this video, well-known physicist David Deutsch gives a lecture on the nature of the universe and gives a concentrated display of extraverted intuition. Deutsch's speaking style is actually quite easy to understand. He uses the simplest possible means (comparisons, metaphors) to produce insight in the audience - in this case, an awareness of new possibilities in the outside world. I have typed David Deutsch as an ILE.

In his presentation, Deutsch conveys extraverted intuition signals through all sorts of techniques that serve to intrigue and intellectually involve the listener:

  1. using rising intonation on phrases like "in fact," "if," and many others in order to emphasize critical points and unexpected possibilities
  2. using phrases like, "now let's imagine..." "let's say that..." that help the listener generate a mental image
  3. the habit of constantly showing the bigger picture and emphasizing "the main thing"


Unknown said...

David Deutch is the epitome of ideal usage of NeTi: using simple language to describe things in their most basic nature, making them as easy to understand as possible.C.S. Lewis would be proud ;)

friemelaar said...

What a great bit of entertainment!

Being an ILE myself, I feel so familier looking at the tempo at which he speaks, his speaking punctuation, the exhilaration he's getting from speaking to an intelligent audience aaaand that damn ILE nose that I possess as well.