Dec 14, 2006

What Does It Mean to "Learn" Socionics?

Socionics has both a theoretical and a practical side. The very nature of socionics encourages people to develop new formulations and theories of their own, and as a result, sometimes the practical applications of socionics are given too little emphasis. Socionics is about people and interaction, not just about theoretical categories and abstractions. This blog is intended to focus more on the actual application of socionics.

"Learning socionics" implies, first of all, gaining a good grasp of the theoretical concepts the field uses. There are quite a few new terms that will have to be understood correctly, and it will take quite a bit of mental effort to understand how everything works. This process may take a few months to a year.

The lengthier part of learning socionics involves building up personal experience in recognizing socionic phenomena (types, relations, information aspects) and categories in people in interpersonal interaction and relationships. Inevitably this process begins with the identification of one's own type - a difficult task in its own right. Correct identification of one's socionic type is crucial to building a practical understanding of socionics that works.

In my subsequent posts and topics on this site, I will refer to many concepts that will be unfamiliar to beginning readers. This blog will be oriented mainly towards those who have at least a decent grasp of the theory but are interested in clarification and application. Beginning readers I would recommend to start at

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