Dec 20, 2006

Practice with Introverted Intuition

This post is a place to practice making comments in the spirit of introverted intuition as described in the post below. Please participate by adding comments with statements of your own. They don't have to be perfect; we'll work on them. Here we go...

First, genuine phrases I have recorded from people with strong introverted intuition:

  • Do you feel nourished? (a question about the state of a person's soul)
  • Another week has vanished into the netherness of "history".
  • Everything is a blur.
  • isolated memories ... sporadic memories
  • It feels like an eternity.

- - - - - - - - - -

Now, my own attempts. Some of these seem a little contrived, but I'm trying...
  • It had to happen sometime. I had long awaited this fateful day.
  • Somehow your description just doesn't resonate with me.
  • Once that sank into my mind, the rest was a cinch.
  • I have a very hazy understanding of X, but for some unexplicable reason I'm drawn to it more and more.
  • Why she says that is a mystery to me.
  • I guess I'm not in the right frame of mind right now.
  • I've got a hunch that the answer to this riddle is somewhere nearby...
  • I'll wait till this whole thing dies down.
  • Let's try to get a sense of the background of this problem.
  • I'm trying to see how one line of reasoning flows into the other.


Anonymous said...

Things have changed.

Anonymous said...

I think a lot of baseball metaphors could fall into this, because many of them are based on the idea that you go to first base, and then it's time to get to second base, and then third, or it's your time at bat, or you're on deck, etc. Everything has its time. Also, some are about fate, like being born with two strikes against you, or being born on third base and thinking you struck a triple.

Anonymous said...

i don't think an ILI is ever aware of how much they do know, and are not inclined to make comments which limit there processing ...(such as your point 4, which an IEI might say in congruence with there second function).

for point 6, escape might be more applicable,
and as a real skill driven base, the i_I's may try and find time to combine reasonings, or try to do so better and quicker in a corporate environment.

{ i speak quasi-science, or splinter socionics? i know not}

Anonymous said...

"I'm trying to see how one line of reasoning flows into the other."

I use this more than I'd like to (as it means I'm not making the connections). What's worse, though, is when you *can't* see how it does. :D

Theta said...

"In general, life is all about interpretation and timing"

"there are some of us, who prefer deep mutation then superficial adaptation and are keen to it"

"the infinite flow of possibilities may be the result of extrinsic waves, but we all know the way reality develops is intrinsic"

"people who lack from the ability to understand intuitively are doomed to lose time in descriptive analysis"

Entheos said...

"Act fast, else we'll miss this chance/opportunity."

"I told you that would happen."/ I told you so ..."

"Why couldn't you have seen this coming?"

"It's obvious, ..." (I know this is too general, but Ni folks seem to say this a lot, esp. ILIs)

"Wait for the right time."

"We are not ready yet."

Rick, ILIs are generally described as talking about the "negative", but I find it has more to do with the notion of the "inevitable".

Given that ILIs look for Se interventions, their focus seems to be on avoiding negative inevitabilities (as the SEE-ILI pair seem to be concerned with well-being and achieving it correctly). What do you think?