Dec 14, 2006

Extraverted Ethics in Action - Tom Cruise

Let's see if we can find concentrated expressions of the information aspects in situations that bring out these particular aspects. First, we'll start with extraverted ethics.

Remember Tom Cruise's famous appearance on Oprah Winfrey's show? You can view it here.

The crowd's loud squealing is an expression of extraverted ethics. Tom Cruise takes it in stride, as does Oprah Winfrey, who feeds on it herself. Tom's antics on stage (getting down on his knee, throwing his fist into the air, and jumping on the couch with glee) are all external expressions of an emotional state and are clear extraverted ethics signals.

Note also how Cruise is comfortable making physical movements in front of everyone, how he grabs his fiancee confidently and leads her physically on stage, how he grabs Oprah and shakes her, etc. etc. This suggests confidence in sensing. Indeed, I have typed Cruise as an ESE.

Feel free to discuss this clip and your observations and insights.


Anonymous said...

Rick, don't you think Tom Cruise is more of an EIE than ESE?

Ричард said...

Why do you think so?

Anonymous said...

Just a hunch.

Anonymous said...

how would u type between a
ESE (2-Sensing) and EIE (2nd-intuition),
how would u know how much the second function contributes to topology?

...would a phrase of analysis be__
competent in the use of 2nd function but only when based in the 1st function__

would EIE mean that Tom had to define experiential cascades for himself.
and would ESE mean he is more dynamic?
..EIE would be my bet, cause his acting 'bits'/phrases/cascades are much the same between movies
like some of Magnolia's scenes, his speech draws on evangelical type speech mixed with Tom-gun self-vindification/coolness.

whereas if he was ESE, he would act the thing more dynamically and get closer cut acting to the scene, and scene specific as he was in the Colateral (where he was hailed for the first time as a real actor, and not a symbol on screen)

Anonymous said...

*the Colateral movie

sorry...spelling and grammer comes second