Dec 22, 2006

ESE – Ethical Sensing Extratim Type Description

The trademark quality of this type is a focus on socializing and guiding social situations and interactions so that the people involved can have fun and enjoy themselves. ESEs are typically in the middle of what is happening socially and know about the latest events and what people think and feel about them. They are skilled at bringing people together in fun and interesting ways and making everyone feel actively involved. Their friends know them as people who love life and feel most at home in social situations surrounded by other fun people.

In their pursuit of fun-oriented and stimulating social interactions, ESEs typically neglect to structure their own thought processes and views in a way that would help them know exactly what they think and why. They are receptive to others’ attempts to help them introduce more structure and logical consistency in their life and thinking processes. They gravitate most to people who open up to fun and emotional interaction easily, yet are also skilled at systematizing thoughts and views and explaining ideological matters.


Unknown said...


What makes an ESE different from an EIE?? And what makes IEE and SEE different? I was reading this, and these questions popped into my head.
Much appreciation for an answer.

Ричард said...

In each of those cases 4 out of 8 functions differ between the two types. I recommend browsing for in-depth answers to your question.

Anonymous said...

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social situations
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