Dec 22, 2006

Socionic Type Test

I have finally created a new socionics test without most of the weaknesses of my first test, but with a few new ones of its own. It only takes two to five minutes to take and consists of only three steps, so you have to think about each one carefully. You may return back at any point to review and change your previous answers.

This is the place to offer test feedback (using the "comment" feature).


Anonymous said...

If you do not mind me sayng what I think.. In my opinion this test is to simple to show the type, 'cause it takes by default that people would prefer their first function. And already from this point it could go wrong. But it is still better than many other tests, 'cause it could tell the difference between black and white functions.

Anonymous said...

Rick should communicate with V. Gulenko and get his permission to translate to English and place his test (that with 72 pairs of questions) on site. It's one of most useful tests, and widespread in Russian segment of Internet (only in Russian language there).

Izzy said...

it seems limited. i suppose that's obvious considering how short it is, but perhaps, a few more questions? for example, i keep trying to get EIE, and it doesn't seem to be possible. when i try to get my own type i have tested either IEE or IEI.

thanks though. ^_^