Dec 21, 2006

Comments on Previous Post (Information Aspects)

The previous post (below) should be recognized as a new and definitive description of the information aspects. I would like to point out two things:

1. Logical consistency of the descriptions.
In each case the difference between the extraverted and introverted versions of each aspect is the same as for any other aspect. Extraverted aspects describe traits of objects (processes, phenomena, events) outside the observer, while introverted aspects describe - in essence - the subject's internal experience of objects (processes, phenomena, events).

More on this:
Bodies and Fields in Socionics

2. Ambiguity of linguistic clues.
Virtually any word - and sometimes entire phrases - can represent different information aspects. Our spoken or written language is not the most fundamental "language" of the psyche, but is an evolving derivation of more basic neural arrangements. Thus, to determine which aspect a word or phrase refers to, we must look at the context and, in some cases, make a subjective interpretation based on the circumstances surrounding the communication.

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