Dec 14, 2006

Extraverted Sensing in Action - Mike Tyson

Here's another great example of a concentrated information signal, in this case extraverted sensing. Here (video) Mike Tyson is interviewed after a fight and makes threatening comments towards future foe Lennox Louis.

The extraverted sensing signals in this case are conveyed by the use of jerky, aggressive bursts of air for emphasis, along with similarly timed jerky head movements forward. The vigorous head movements from side to side along with a sneering facial expression also convey extraverted sensing. All of this serves to convey a sense of readiness for confrontation, unpredictability of behavior (after this display of anger he abrubtly turns around and leaves the interview), and unbending desire.

(I have typed Mike Tyson as an SLE)


Anonymous said...

Is unpredictability of behaviour common to all those with Extraverted Sensing as a leading function?

Ричард said...

This kind of unpredictability seems typical of almost all extraverted irrationals.