Dec 21, 2006

Introverted Intuition in Action - Garrison Keillor

"Introverted intuition in action" is sort of an oxymoron, but there are plenty of situations where it can come to the forefront and display its unique point of view.

Garrison Keillor is a radio show host and writer whom I have typed as IEI (bottom of page). During part of his weekly show, "A Prairie Home Companion," he does a monologue called "Lake Wobegon" where he lets his introverted intuition completely loose. Here is a beautiful sample (sound only):

Part one (8.5 minutes)
Part two (4.5 minutes)

To get an idea of how Garrison Keillor looks and acts and what his show is like, view his interview with Charlie Rose (starting at 35:00).

In his monologue, Garrison Keillor covers literally all the semantic fields of introverted intuition covered below (link). There are the themes of bygone years and memory, of death and renewal, of legends, rites, and symbols, of the soul and one's inner experiences, words denoting states and mood, uncertainty, recollection...

Keillor's slow, drawn-out speaking style serves to induce a state of relaxed reflection in his audience. Images are convened that carry emotional weight and a sense of meaningfulness. His monologues effectively distract listeners from all their worldly cares and carry them elsewhere, creating a cleansing effect.

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Chrystal said...

I have a lot of his radio show recordings on CD. I can definitely see Ni in the way he tells the stories - full of meaning and humor and ever-searching for more understanding to human nature. :)